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Welcome to the Xtra Class service centre and congratulations on choosing to view this life changing centre. Your insight today will be well rewarded by your future success.

The importance of Education today cannot be over-emphasized. Apart from the fact that Mathematics is compulsory up to Grade 12, it is also a pre-requisite for admission to many University Faculties, Grade 10 Mathematics is an entrance for most technical Apprenticeships.

The opportunity to achieve your full potential at your own pace is one of the unique features offered by our tutors. A learner has to understand the basic concept of Mathematics to be able to progress with it, therefore Innovative and Extensive attention is given in the development of the Xtra-Class program to assist the learner to master these basic principles.

Mathematics today is never over rated since it is essential for the average career opportunities as is for the more distinguished paths.

To have a wider spectrum of career opportunities other subjects to are advantageous. A good command of the English language is essential as well as Sciences in the Medical fields, Accounting & Computer Studies is required in the Commercial sectors.

This modern well developed Centre has it all, it creates an era of hope for children.

Engineered by one Simple, Motivated and Remarkable individual who firmly innovated:

"Taking Education Beyond The Classroom"




In daring to dream, Colin Govender  took the responsibility to take our youth of today to greater expectations, his vision to create an equal learning opportunity for all who is eager to reach for a dream.

 Being one of the best sales & marketing achievers  in South Africa, Marketing Manager with Access International & Top sales Achiever as well as Top Branch in the country  for the Academy of Mathematics & Science. He has never differed to begin his career at the bottom of his previous workplace. He firmly believes that due to him starting his career from the bottom he is able to relate with many of his current staff innuendos.

Many say the ''Risk Takers or High Rollers'' in life become the most successful, in addition it is always the braveheart that survives. How often have we heard ''From Rags to Riches'' Mr Govender's life is a true reality life soapie of how a braveheart survived the fittest.

Hard work has yet to kill a man, on the contrary it builds muscles if not for the body then for the brain. Didnt someone say ''Motivation does not last'' well neither does bathing, that's why it is recommended daily. When in business, many will bring you down (sometimes its the people closest to you) its up to you to pick yourself up, and remind yourself that Success is connected with action, Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don't quit.

His ultimate vision and aim is to create an environment for the youth of today by building a centre were kids are free to explore the success of physical fitness, mental stimulation, psychological awareness and create a haven of escape from the pressure of the streets, since Colin himself was a victim of peer pressure and getting into negative situations. He overcame these challenges by having a firm family support as well as turning his life to the Lord. How many youngsters do not have stability to turn to and later find themselves in deeper water or simply give up.

In making his dreams a reality, Colin is bound by the ''GIANT'' mentality were he believes in Thinking BIG and achieving BIG, hence, ''GO BIG OR GO HOME''

A born leader bred for success, in choosing to use his own life experiences as the GREATEST motivator,he firmly believes in ''THE MEASURE OF A MANS SUCCESS IS NOT CALCULATED ON HOW MUCH MONEY HE MAKES,BUT ON HOW MUCH PEOPLE SURROUNDS HIM''

May you be warmed and inspired by an individual who came from a humble home and average lifestyle to encourage you to never settle for anything less than you deserve.

Personal message from the Director:

                                                                 ''ENSURE TO LIVE EACH DAY AS IF ITS YOUR LAST''